July 10, 2006

I'm Impressed

Sunday is my big TV day. I watch multiple TiVo'd episodes of Malcolm in the Middle or Mama's Family much to my hubby's chagrin. I also watch a lot of political stuff. Last night was no different. I caught Meet the Press late last night on MSNBC and for once I didn't want to blow chunks. Russert actually had some intelligent guests with some friggin' real knowledge about the subject they were discussing. Yesterday's show was devoted in great part to a frank discussion about North Korea and what it will take to reign in that freaky handed Kim Jong Il.

Russert had Bob Galluci, Ashton Carter and Bill Richardson on to discuss their knowledge and opinions about how to approach the issue of an increasingly nuclear North Korea. OMG.

It was enlightening. It was fresh, and it was extremely candid about when and where the US has gone wrong in its foreign policy with NK and what we can do to fix it.

My favorite part (hit. I actually have a favorite part) was the portion of the discussion wherein Galluci, Richardson and Carter discussed a six nation approach vs. one-on-one talks. The point about the necessity of bilateral discussions was amazingly cogent. Here's the transcript on the whole show. If you like big brains as much as I do, you'll be creaming your jeans over this one.

Tim almost screwed it up a couple of times like when he tried to get the guests to slam Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright (they didn't fall for it). Tim's best part was just staying out of the way of these big brains as they discussed Korean culture and its preference for form over function and KJI's seemingly crazy antics. I was left a bit flushed at the end and wondering if Tim had shut up completely whether or not these guys would have more fully discussed KJI's motives in his missiles tests last week in relation to China and Japan ( I personally suspect the launch was meant to antagonize us into allowing a light water reactor as Galluci alleged, but that it was also meant to further align itself with China against the US so they could get bigger handouts and become part of China's industrialization movement).

In hindsight, this week's Meet the Press had more to do with showing how very different the Clinton and Bush administrations are when it comes to foreign policy. Clinton was commanding. He had great personnel whom he avidly listened to. Bush plays commander. He's a bull in a china shop who doesn't understand how his macho cowboy antics actually send the wrong message to people like KJI who look for the most minute signs to spur them on in their lunacy. If Bush ever stopped to really learn about the cultures of the people he with whom he was dealing, he might be more successful. For all his staff knows about spinning stooopid Amerikans, they know shit about Koreans, Iraqis, Afghanis, Russians, Chinese, Mexicans, Canadians, British.....

I know most Amerikans can't stand a guy with a brain being in the WH, but damnit- we need one. The brain deficit in the WH is causing serious problems and whoever we elect in 2008 has to understand the nuance of foreign policy and economics in order to clean up with this turd burglar has done.

Tim, Tweety and the rest of the Sunday morning hosts have a duty to help us understand these issues better and to help us find a candidate who at least knows (or whats to know) the difference between Sunni and Shiite before he launches a massive invasion of a sovereign nation.


Blogger Emptyman said...

That's why Bill Richardson is the only Democratic presidential hopeful I have any leaning toward at the moment.

9:35 AM  
Blogger flapdog said...

Smilin' teeth of Christ!...Love yer blog!
Especially impressive considering
that my original search was
something like, "Motherfucking Republicans".
I bow to the mighty Badger.
Long may you rave.

11:43 PM  

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