July 06, 2006

Are You Getting That Ominous Feeling, Too?

Every once in a while my head goes into shut down mode. It's there right now. Partly a combination of recovering from my broken leg (much better BTW), not working fulltime, not being active, paying these fucking medical bills, and the long holiday weekend. I can usually get myself jump started with a bit of fun music or a good book, but right now I'm just sorta creeped out by the news.

There's a perfect storm brewing.

Unfortunately, we don't have George Clooney captaining the ship, and we're stuck with those buttfuckers we have in Congress and the White House right now.

Here's my take on it:

While they've been busy gutting meaningful ethics rules changes (you know- the ones that say "you shouldn't take bribes or else"), playing look at the fuzzy monkey with the gay marriage ban and flag burning amendments and xenophobic racist anti-immigration bills, and having hearings on steroids:

*Iraq has blown up into full on civil war with the US forces as occupiers who rape and murder innocent Iraqis
*North Korea's Kim Jong Il decided he was mad at Bush for taking the Japanese PM to Graceland and not extending an invite his way so he figured he lob a few missiles into the Sea of Japan
*Iran shrugs off meaningless deadlines to accept the offer for peace talks (who can blame them? Bush is trying to get a working plan together to bomb the shit out of them for essentially nothing)
*Israel and Hamas are playing chicken with 6+ million people in the middle
*Afghanistan yielding the largest opium crops ever while the Taliban reasserts itself everywhere but Kabul,
*Natural disasters such as flooding, wildfires and global warming abound
*Gas prices and consumption continue to rise
*Foreclosures are on the rise
*Unemployment is still up
* And a still devastated NOLA tries to identify dozens of bodies, and rebuild with little or no help from the federal government

These things can't keep coming with no real response (or mature response) from the White House. Something is going to give. And it won't be some dam in Pennsylvania.


Blogger Emptyman said...

This is a true test of conservative theories, isn't it? We can point at the current situation and say "here is what happens when you realize the dream of having no meaningful federal government except for a military." If people like it, I suppose they'll re-elect the half-wits they've been putting in office lately. If people decide they would prefer a competent, effective federal government that does something with the tax money besides give it to the rich friends of politicians, then they'll turn out the incumbents.

I'm not holding my breath for the latter, though. Redistricting has given the GOP an eternal lock on the House. The Senate only turns over 1/3 at a time. As long as the GOP control Congress, there will never be any meaningful check on the GOP White House no matter how corrupt, inept, and evil it becomes. And since those two branches have gotten a stranglehold on the federal judiciary, Hell will freeze over before we get competent government on any Federal level again.

How would have thought that a sham trial over a blowjob would seem, in retrospect, an exemplar of good government?

10:00 AM  

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