July 18, 2006

Simmering Down....

Nah, not really, but I figured I might fake some you out. Or at least try.

So here's my rundown for the day with ass rape as a general theme:

1. I still think my post yesterday is right on. I know. Surprise. Surprise. But seriously, anyone else notice that Newt admitted to the Seattle Times on Saturday that he was worried about the '06 elections and that he GOP would have to rally the base by using terms like "WWIII?" I hadn't seen it as of press time yesterday, but it confirms to me that my gut is always right on this type of thing.

2. I saw FOX News out an Israeli Howitzer division's secret location this morning on live TV. Bill Hemmer had actually just mentioned he couldn't state where he was since he got into trouble yesterday for it and like friggin' clockwork, the screen flashed the name of the town for 5-10 seconds. I won't mention it here since I'm not a dirty fucker who works for Fox and I don't ever want to responsible for people getting killed (unless they personally piss me off or hurt someone I care about). But here's my question, why is Fox the only news service presently embedded in the Israeli military? And how did they manage to get that much manpower and equipment there so quickly? And get a coordinated message with Newt and the rest of those no-dicked mutherfuckers? And anyone know how to get the video???

3. A good friend of mine commented today that he was surprised at Congress passing the Internet gaming statute last week prohibiting the use of a credit card for online gaming (but exempting horse racing?). He's pissed. He's a lifelong Republican (yes, I still love him) and he says he's done with the party. It's no longer a "conservative" party in his eyes, but hell, I've been saying that for 20 years. Welcome to the light, my favorite Italian pink thong wearer.

4. John Bolton needs a fucking enema. That guy is completely full of shit. And himself. He's trying very hard to dismantle the UN (and Kofi is playing bottom again and getting ass fucked in the process. Anyone hear Bush and Blair on him yesterday? He deserves an apology from those two twits.). Yesterday, the mustachioed perv came out and said that the deaths of innocent Lebanese civilians is not morally the same as the deaths of terror victims. What kind of bullshit is that? Jon Stewart should be asking if this guy high. Since when did Bolton get the right to determine whose lives (or deaths) are more important? It's that kind of uppitiness that turns me (and a lot of other people) off to the GOP thus allowing it to get raped by the Christian right.

5. I hope Ralph Reed loses. I hope Ralph Reed loses. I hope Ralph Reed loses........ I know there are some in the Democratic party that would like to see him win so they can rally the base for votes and fundraising, but I don't want that guy anywhere near a position of power. I hope he and Grover Norquist both get audited by the IRS and sent to a not so shi-shi penitentiary where they get ass raped by a toothless mulatto named Tito. It's the least they deserve for fucking voters and honest Americans for so long with their hold-up schemes designed to make them rich and divide this nation.

6. I also hope that Holy Joe seriously loses it on live TV soon. He's such a tool. It's like he has played politics for so long that he forgot what his principles were. I want everyone else to see that before the primary election and I want him to be able to replay it over and over again like that play where Joe Thiesman broke his leg. I saw that and to this day the replays (all 19 of them) stick in my mind. I want it to stick in his mind that he lost his way. That he sold out his supporters. That he became that which he once, as a young impassioned candidate for office despised a politician with deep-rooted sense of entitlement. I want him to know why he lost. And I want him to feel that pain and that sorrow for wasting his life and sullying his previous accomplishments. I want him to get this point: That no one is ever entitled to an elected office. Never. Ever. Not even him.

7. I want to see that video of Bush groping the female German chancellor on the evening news. I want women voters to be disgusted with that pig and thus, themselves for voting for him. You fucking self-hating pussies.

That's my rant so far for today. Now get back to work. Or looking at porn.


Blogger Emptyman said...

You got your wish on Ralph Reed.

Bolton is such a useless cocksucker that even the GOP zombies wouldn't confirm the stupid SOB. So Georgie sticks him at the UN with a recess appointment and he's been every bit the disaster even his own party hacks warned.

10:15 AM  

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