July 28, 2006

Some Interesting Must Reads On Israel and Hezbollah

Here are three links that are a fantastic read for some background on how this "thing" came to be shaped and what lies ahead for the US in this foreign policy and military minefield.

Read the Rolling stone piece first. Then the Ha'aretz piece. Lastly, an update on Big Dog's stance. Once you finish them ruminate on these questions:

1. Why is AIPAC so important in all this?
2. What US political leaders have strong ties to AIPAC? (Hint: I posted on him recently.)
3. Why hasn't Bush said anything? Or had Condi saying anything?
4. Has someone tied Condi's hands? If so, why?
5. Why has Tony Blair come in today? American Idol?
6. Why aren't more people being prosecuted for treason? Would their prosecution endanger US business and military interests abroad or would it affect the '06 elections?
7. Why is the State Department still protecting Chalabi?
8. What can we do to redeem ourselves (if anything) in the international political arena?
9. What does the Protestant right wing have to do with out Mideast foreign policy?
10. What's more dangerous: the US addiction to oil or the US addiction to Protestantism or the military industrial complex?
11. Why is Bush still trying to slam John Bolton down Congress' throat? And how does this come into play inside the UN?

Oh, well. You have your homework assignment. Enjoy.


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