August 09, 2006

As Grasshopper Would Say "Mwahahahahahah"

I watched the poll results for the Lamont-Lieberman race last night from a bar. Not only did I have cable TV, but I also had cellphone based Internet. had results up 10-20 minutes faster than FOX News (the only network carrying coverage consistently). I was happy with the results, of course, but not so happy with what a tool Lieberman was.

I can understand if he's unhappy about losing. I mean, what's an old asshole like him supposed to do now? Make Pepsi or Viagra commercials? Take Rummy's job? Let his wife the Big Pharma lobbyist support him as he attends bar mitzvahs for moollah like Ja Rule? I doubt it.

What he needs is a reality check. First, he lost the election by making his BS announcement that he'd run as an independent if he lost the primary. [Note to Holy Joe: the other kids don't like it if you threaten to take your crayons home if they don't let you play Malibu Barbie.] The poll results show it. Lamont went way, way up in the polls after Holy Joe made his threat. Oops.

Second, he needs to apologize for getting in bed with Bush and Rove. He has slammed the Democratic party repeatedly. Why? Because he has some fucked up idea locked in is head that he's absolutely right, that he knows best and that he's entitled to unquestioning trust in spite of the fact that he has been a DINO for a long, long time. Now, I am not saying he's a Republican (the point can be made he is), but I am saying his allegience isn't to his party or his state. or even his country. It's....wait for it..... TO ISRAEL. The utterances about national security and 9-11 recently prove that. It also proves he's grasping at straws and knows that he's not the Joe of yesteryear. It's all about the towelheads for him.

Look, Joe. Be mad at yourself. Be mad at Karl Rove. Be mad at AIPAC, but for crissakes don't take it out on everyone else who's just rightfully reminding you that you sold out. Take your lumps like man, you big fucking crybaby.

BTW- accusing Lamont and/or his supporters of hacking your weenie site is bad form. Apologize. Then beg for mercy from the Feds after they start looking to charge you and/or your campaign staff with submitting a false report. That shit carries jail time, fines, and the absolute death sentence for your public service career. Also, remember the next time you want to go World Wide Web, pay for the bandwidth and a decent hosting company. They hosed you pretty good. You might think about suing them for damages. You wanna be big time? Then act big time.


It just hit me that you wasted everything. You destroyed everything for Israel. Fuck. That's gotta suck.

Joe, time to move on. You need a new job. May I suggest.....

Oh, and one last thing- I am so right about Condi being on her way out.


Those fucking Rethuglicans eat their own. Don't they?


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