August 08, 2006

Condi Better Watch It

She's being set up IMHO. Why do I think so? This administation has gone out of it's way to portray a president in charge. From the dumb aircraft carrier photo op to him being a pushy asshole to foreign dignitaries to his frequent statements that he's in charge (so to speak). Now, with the Israeli-Hezbollah-Lebanon thing going nuts and Iraq becoming more and more explosive by the day (no pun intended), Bush has left very publicly for Crawford for more brush clearing. When asked if he thought it was okay to do that since Tony Blair didn't and put off his vacation, he said sure because Condi was in charge of that situation.

I see two meanings here with one being more probable than the other- they want his fingerprints off this SNAFU (admit it- the US is already fucked since the neocons have been supporting Israel's destruction of a soveriegn nation as a launching point for Syria and Iran) and they need a fall guy. Or, and this is less likely, they want Condi as a POTUS contender in '08.

Personally, I think they're going to dump Condi by November. Obviously foreign policy is a total fucking failure on all fronts (unless you count the sweatshop owners in the Northern Marianas Islands) and it cannot be the CIC's fault. Who better than Condi who played it how they wanted. They dumped Powell bc he wasn't a "yes man." Why should it save Condi for being a "yes woman?"

Answer: It won't. These assholes believe in nothing but self preservation. That's how they survived the backlash against McCarthy, Nixon and Watergate, Iran-Contra, etc.. They're the fucking cockroaches of the 20th and 21st centuries. They'll gut her and then send her on to some lucrative board like the Carlisle Group or Texaco or something like that. Then she'll turn up on FAUX News in a few years claiming expertise in a field she obviously has done very poorly in to date. It's like being the political equivilent of Ashley Simpson or something.

I just wish it was 2008 already and someone had a giant ass can of Raid.