August 24, 2006

Clerical Error My Ass

Saw this story about how the Department of Education's list of acceptable majors for low-income students seeking financial aid for their education is missing a listing. Out of the tons of listings (and there are plenty), the only one missing is evolutionary biology. You know- the study of all things abominable to theocrats. Even odder is in my search online for goooood BBQ to have shipped in (I get cravings for this type of shit. Maybe sometime I'll write about my three day quest for XXX hot sauce.) is that I ran across the website for Sonny Bryan's BBQ in Dallas. I read the history page and discovered "Sonny" was actually William Jennings Bryan, Jr.. Naturally, I was like "Whoa. Not the son of......" And for the record, no, not the same one, but I did get a quick 15 minute refresher into a force of personality and a great modern historical-religious figure.

I have to say this- I admire WJB. I don't agree with all of his political or any of his religious stances, but I admire his populist roots. I admire grassroots politics where every man has one vote and his vote is worth (to himself and others) the same as the next guy. I admire his drive to dismantle the machine which relegates one man to poverty and another to wealth. I admire his stated cause of busting corporate monoploys which kill the soul of the common man and ensurre that he and his children and their children will never realize the "American Dream." I don't like the anti-rinking thing at all. I like my beer and Tuaca.

I admire fiery speeches and passion. WJB had that in spades obviously. And with that passion came the courage of his convictions. I've oft (yes, I use that word in everyday conversation) wondered if he died as a result of the Scopes Monkey Trial. Let's face it, Clarence Darrow eviscerated him. He tore apart the very foundations upon which WJB's progressive politics were perched- a belief in God and strict adherence to the Bible. When that foundation was destroyed, it would be easy to see how such a powerful, impassioned man could become literally lifeless.

My politics are an odd mix of progressivism and libertarianism. I hate rigid structure and rules meant to maintain the status quo as opposed to define real and necessary boundaries. Maybe that's why I'm in private practice. Or then again, a better and truer way of looking at it is that is why I AM NOT with a firm or governmental agency. And why I won't ever run for office again (not that the last time counted- I was playing the goon.). I could run for office early next year but my hubby opposes it (which makes me want to do it more) and frankly, I'd have to give up my blog.

I say fuck that.

This is my place for rants and rememberance. I can think about the legacy of WJB, bitch about Dumbya and still compare notes about why Marc Cohn is one of the best song writers in the last 25 years (at least since Jim Croce's death). I always find myself a bit more peaceful after letting it hangout here which I'll get back to now.

The Department of Education's excuse is complete and utter bullshit. Someone whited it out because it might offend the Jesus freaks. Fuck 'em. Religion has no place in education unless it's a philosophical survey of religious philosophy, a part of a sociology class dealing with group behavior, or a fiction class and the texts are being studied for content and friggin' alliteration type shit. Otherwise, it interferes with honest intellectual thought derived from scientific method, etc.. The person responsible should be drawn and quartered in the court of public opinion. This should be a front page story everywhere, but it won't be. Jonbenet Ramsey will be.

She's been dead for 10 years, but I suspect real journalism and real thought have been dead much longer in this country.


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