August 21, 2006

Somebody! Please Stop This Man!

This weekend, I was reflecting on how naive I was when I started college (truly, I was) and how cynical I have become over the years. We're talking about a mere 15 years almost to the day. But in that 15 years, the Internet has become more readily available, I've been streaking half a dozen or so times, loved and lost, had some amazingly weird (and wild) experiences, and generally just learned that "Who Gives A Fuck?!?" should be everyone's motto. I have older (and seemingly wiser) friends who are astounded by how much they learn from me everytime we hang out. Honestly, I thought I had seen and heard just about everything (Donkey punch? Check. Triorchidism? Check. Water sports? Check? Copralagnia? Check. Butt Blaster? Check. Americans electing a retard? Check.), but this story astounded me.

Seriously. How can this guy go through with this? How???????? There are so many people who would pay $5 a piece to see this. He could be the only guy in the world to do DP scenes by himself. He could make wax molds of himself and be on every wall in Doc Johnsons.

Please, god. Someone stop him!!!!


Blogger Non-Toxic said...

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE THINKING?? Don't just cut it off and throw it away... This is the chance for him to make a FTM trans very happy and have the first penis transplant...

Hell, if they can put a face on the french dog licker, why can't they attach the penis to some deserving FTM....

Watch out... betcha they cut the wrong one, or botch it so the one that is left doesn't work anymore..

3:30 PM  
Blogger gideon said...

If you think that's odd google mrhands and download the video. Fun stuff from the great state of Washington.

12:06 AM  
Blogger The Raving Badger said...

Oh, Jesus Christ. OMFG. Ow mutherfucker. Holy shit. *speechless*

3:18 PM  

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