October 16, 2006

Brit Hume and Bill Kristol- Limp-Dicked Parasites

I was running through Crooks and Liars today at lunch and saw this piece about Hume and Kristol advocating the US taking a unilateral approach to North Korea and Iran and all I could think was:

WTF??? Do these guys use war footage for mastubatory purposes??? Say it ain't so.

It just seems that they get awfully excited when they talk about dropping bombs on the Middle East or some other imagined boogeyman. Seriously, they fidget in their seats, get flushed and their pupils dilate. I bet if we peeked under that formica topped desk, we'd find their sporty wood in all their two inch glory or a wet spot (especially if they start using terms like "detainee" or "RPG" or "Howzer") on the front of their Dockers. It's like a FCC/DoD produced smut film.

And I won't even get started about O'Reilly. Talk about creepy. That monster can inspire the use of birth control just by projecting that creepy smile or pointing that boney finger.


There's something seriously sexually wrong with the Republican party and its pundits. Can't they just get off on regular tits and jizz type stuff? Does it always have to be little kids, death and dismemberment or voyeurism while thinking about Bill Clinton's cock?

That's some fucked up shit.


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