November 15, 2006

The Death of My Alterblog

Russ Feingold's announcement that he's not running for president in 2008 has saddened me. Last year, I reserved a name for a Feingold for President blog. He's now dashed my hopes of having a president with balls, class, respect for our democracy and some goddamn brains. But hey, we still have Hillary.

In the absence of my hands down favorite, my early front runner is Hillary Clinton. She's been vilified by the Rethuglicans for ages just because she has the guts to speak her mind (Oh heavens!!). I'm sick of the Phyllis Schlaflys of the world and wish them a painful uterine disease. Their bullshit allegiance to some antiquated notion that women can't be strong leaders and hard-nosed fighters because of the singular trait of having a uterus angers me beyond words. Tits and follopian tubes don't make us weaker by any stretch of their Missionary style only imaginations.

Hillary Clinton isn't a perfect candidate (she isn't RussFeingold *sigh*). BUT- her record in the Senate shows her to be fiscally conservative, able to work in a bipartisan fashion for the good of the nation and that she doesn't believe in soundbite politics that have ruled since the mid-90's when the GOP floated that fraud of a Contract On America. She believes in freedom of choice and has worked tirelessly her whole adult life to better the lives of children and the poor. She has been a proponent of education being just one major tool in our arsenal in the war on poverty and drugs. I like her. I like her ability to forgive Big Dog for not keping it in his pants. I respect the fact she threw a lamp at him over the blowjob incident- it means she has some fire and really does have a deep-seated sense of family and loyalty. Clearly, she doesn't give up even when embarassed like she was. Good for her.

When it comes to the other candidates, I just can't compromise to vote for them. Those who are anti-choice. Those who are homophobic. Those who harp on family values instead of recognizing that a statesman's job isn't to impress upon us his or her religious views, but instead to provide for the common defense of our nation and to provide a foundation so that all Americans can grow and prosper. In other words, whatever fucker wants to be a contender better get back to the message of the Trumans, the Jeffersons and those who drafted the GD Declaration of Independence and Constitution. They better goddamn understand the job description the way it was intended instead of trying to be uniters and bullshit.

That shit just doesn't fly with me, but Hill's does. So far.


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Bill Richardson.

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