December 04, 2006

On a Scale of 1 to 10....

I hate my job about a 30. I cannot stand anything I do anymore and really don't give two shits about helping people. I want out.

I want my hubby to understand I'd rather eat arsenic than come to the office any more. I'd rather cut open my own asshole with a broken bottle than listen to one more of my whiny ass clients and deal with another screwed up judge whose idea of justice has more to do with campaign contributions than doing the right thing. I'm tired of my stomach being upset and having constant headaches. My hair is gray, I've gained weight and I am unhappy to the point of paralysis.

I hate my job. I hate being in my office and I hate feeling like if I don't stick with this profession, I'm letting my husband down. I'm starting to rather be alone than continue working at something that makes me this goddamn miserable.

And if you're my client reading this: Screw you for making my life hell with your incessant whining and inability to take responsibility for your self.....


Blogger Emptyman said...

Been there. You can use your JD in the employment of the state, federal, or local government and have a client who's a lot easier to deal with. Believe me, it's worth the pay cut.

11:29 AM  

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