January 23, 2007

Hodge Podge

Things have been super busy at home and work, so I haven’t gotten to post new stuff as often as I would like. Still, there has been a bunch of mumbo jumbo floating around in my head.

1. The best reality show in the land is “Rob & Big” on MTV2. It stars a white professional skateboarder and his best friend and security guy who happens to be a gigantic black guy. They get up to funny stuff with their odd assortment of friends and their skateboarding bulldog named Meaty. In each thirty minute episode, they do more for race relations and manly friendship than one hundred “I Have a Dream” speeches and a ‘Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid” marathon combined. Great stuff. Check it out.

2. Scooter Libby must know a pardon is not in the works because he’s sure throwin’ Karl Rove and company under the proverbial bus. Good stuff. Checkout Firedoglake.com for a running live commentary directly from the trial. The FDL folks got press credentials and have a lot of legal and political knowledge which makes it more interesting than the mothballed crap trotted out by the mainstream press.

3. Chris Moore is still the funniest author in the land.

4. Chantix is the best anti-smoking medication on the market. Pfirst Pfizer puts out Viagra and now they take away our post sex smoke. Counter-intuitive, huh?

5. Bush still sucks. The only person who may suck more would be Joe Lieberman. Here’s a giant “FUCK YOU” to the voters in Connecticut. You guys are fucking tools.

6. McCain is a moron. He’s pushing for escalation in Iraq. Screw this “surge” bullshit. It’s an escalation in troops. It’s an escalation in hostilities and frankly just a bunch of empty posturing towards Iran. When will these fuckwad hawks get the message that the US’s military is not in shape to run an occupation with guerilla warfare in Iraq and build up towards bombing the shit out of Iran while dealing with North Korea’s crap? And when will we get an honest response about China’s move to boldly go where no one has gone before? Shooting down satellites in space with missiles in space? That sounds a wee bit more serious than all the bullshit chest thumping going on elsewhere. do any of these assholes have a dick at all?

7. We need serious medical industry reform. The pricks in DC need to get their hand out of Big Pharma and the medical and insurance lobbyists’ pockets…

8. There is a trend in young women to be bi or lesbian. And they act like sexual predators. Okay. Without the roofies. But still, it’s a bit disconcerting. I thought women were supposed to hit their sexual peak and be large in charge starting in their 30’s not their teens and 20’s.

9. “Ugly Betty” is funny as hell and very well-made. Congrats to America Ferrer and the whole cast and staff.

10. Ilene Chaiken’s ‘The L Word” is a waste of television bandwidth. The first season was awesome and now the rest of it has been a big letdown.

11. Snow days can suck or they can be full of warm gooey food and lots of cuddling with large, gassy Boston Terriers.

12. The Killers are a great fucking band and “Sam’s Town” is the best album I’ve listened to in the last three years right up there with Green Day’s “American Idiot” and the Dixie Chicks’ “Taking the Long Way.” And their videos are neater than hell.

13. Corrine Bailey or whatever her name is (I think I missed one in there somewhere) might be a sweet girl, but she’s overrated. She’s this year’s Nora Jones who by the way has a new album out that leaves a lot to be desired…

14. At this point, the Democratic race is between Edwards and Clinton. Obama is a flash in the pan. And he has weird lips. They’re like mauve or something. He says lot of nice things, but he hasn’t the experience at this point. He reminds me of this guy named Chad from my freshman year at college- a bit premature.


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